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Option 3:  Send payment and order by Send to [email protected]
                It's easy to send us money or payment by using  they are well known world                      wide!  We DO except personel checks by using the paypal option.

                How to send payment direct by
                If you have a account it is very easy. Just go to your account using your
                user name or pass word.  Go to send money and follow the instructions: 
                You will need to write the order number or numbers or a description of the plans you
                want to purchase in the subject area of the send money web page or write the info in
                the cooment areas.

                If you do not have a Paypal account it is fast and easy. Simply go to
                On the top of the page click on SEND MONEY,  then fill in info to the top right of the page.
Creative Science & Research
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Phone Number: 1- 812 - 945 -5839
E-mail: [email protected]


Air Mail:  How would you like your plans or video sent to you? 
                      Plans can be viewed and printed out from your computer.
Ordering by Computer CD or Paper?
Computer CD:
Plans or videos or both can be purchased on Computer CD. CDs can be played on your computer and viewed. CD plans come with color photo's which are very detailed and can be zoomed in on to see the parts close up,  This can be very helpful when building our devices.  You can now purchase a CD with all 33 plans and 2 videos for only $300 plus $9.95 shipping charge or download at no extra charge. To purchase this CD select CD Package # 1 from one of the drop down menus.

You can purchase as many plans or videos on CD as you wish.  Videos can be viewed on your computer using Microsoft media player, Real Player or other.  Videos can also be burned to DVD if you have a DVD burner and a media program.  You are only allowed to burn one DVD.  Video and plans are for your use only. Plans can also be burned to one CD.

Paper Form: Plans can be purchased and sent to you in paper form.  the plans and photo's are in black and white and printed by a laser printer. The photo's are not as detailed as the ones on the CD but helpful.
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To send your order by mail, simply fill out the order form above, do not hit submit but print out this order form and send to us along with a US Postal Money Order, US Cash or Personel Check. We also except bank checks in US Dollars.  

Orders outside the USA please send EURO cash or coins only.

US Postal money  Orders are a fast and easy way to use as payment. You can buy them
at your local US Post Office. Make check out to Creative Science & Research. To insure that
we recieve your order it is best to send it by 2nd day priority mail. You can also go to your bank and send us a cashier's check payable to Creative Science & Research.

Mail Order and Payment to:

Creative Science & Research
PO BOX 557
New Albany, IN. 47151-0557    USA

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Option 4:  Send payment and order by E-mail. Send your credit card number and ordering
                 information direct to us at: [email protected]
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Download links are sent directly to your E-mail address at no extra cost. 

Video(s) or plans can be downloaded or sent by postal mail.
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                You can order by sending a postal money order, bank cashier's check or personel                   check along with your order printed or typed on paper to:
                                         Creative Science & Research 
                                                      PO BOX 557
                                           New Albany, IN. 47151-0557

                ORDERS OUTSIDE THE USA
                You can order by sending us a Bank Check in US Dollars by mail along with your
                order on paper, hand written or printed.  We do Not except personal checks outside
                the USA.  You could also go to your Post Office and get a International postal
                money order as another payment option. 
                We do not except Western Union money transfers or bank transfers.  But we do
                Except Western Union Money order that are in US Dollars.
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