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                                                           CD PACKAGE # 2   17 Plans

                                                              Computer CD...........................Only $150.00   
                                                              You save over $180

CD does not include any Videos or The SP500 AC or DC low rpm Generator plans, CD # 1 does.
You can not deduct any plans purchased from us from the cost of this CD 2.  But if you purchase
this CD 2 and decide later that you wanted to get CD # 1 for $300.00, you can deduct the price of 
CD # 2 from the cost of CD # 1.

Loaded With Information and Photo's!

CD # 2 includes :
 1.  The Fuelless Engine Low Hp  Plans -
 2.  The Fuelless Heater Plans
 3.  The 5000 watt inverter   - 
 4.  The Air Engine US Patent etc..
 5.  Homemade Solar Cell Plans   -   
 6.  Learn How to Screen Print
 7.  Homemade Battery Plans  -  
 8.  The Gravity Engine
 9.  Permanent Magnet Motor 
10. The Tesla Turbine Engine
11. The High Efficiency Generator!   -  
12.  Make your own Light Bulbs
13.  Make your own HV Electromagnets -  
14.  Fuel from Water part 2  ( does not include part 1 )
15.  Anti-gravity air craft proof!   -   
16.  Make your own High Voltage Capacitors!
17.  Tesla's US Patent - Transmission of electrical energy

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