High Efficiency Generator

A generator with no moving parts!  Theories as well as a designs! 
A must for anyone wanting to learn more about alternative generator design. But, unlike many of our other plans, these plans are old and have not been upgraded yet. They are only about 17 pages long, but very educational.  Discovered by David Waggoner. 

The plans show 2 different types. First one is a moving blocker type generator and the 2nd one is a generator with no moving parts. If I had to rate these plans from a scale to 1 to 10 in being step by step and user friendly as well as loaded with information, I would rate these plans on a scale of  5. Our Fuelless Engine plans as well as our SP500 Generator plans are on a scale of 10, as well as many of our other plans.

Is it possible to make a 10 KW generator with no moving parts that can run an entire home? David believes that it can be done.  David has built many such coils that will generate electricity with no moving parts. To tell you the truth David has to many other research projects going on or are on the back burner and this one is one of them. We have hundreds of research work on devices that we have designed and built that we will soon be adding to this website. It is just a matter of time and making up the plans for them. Keep watching our web sites. 

If you are looking for a super high efficiency generator to run your home or to keep a charge on your 12 volt battery and 120 vac inverter system, then the SP500 AC or DC generator is what you should buy and build.  These plans are awesome!   With a Rating of 10.  The SP500 is based on new design and discoveries by David Waggoner and has been designed and tested. The plans take you step by step. If you need more voltage or wattage it is easy to do by scaling up our design that we have in our plans and keeping with the same generator principles that we have discovered.  You could make one big enough to run an entire city if that is your desire.

The Sp500 Generator has only one movable part, the rotor magnet assembly which uses a special configuration of Neodymium magnets.  We have had a few people write to us asking " what are Neodymium magnets? "  Neodymium magnets are a new discovery in themselves. They are now the most powerful and durable magnets on the face of the earth!  They are used in many free energy or high efficiency devices world wide, including windmill generators.  

The HFG9 Generator is for research purposes only. 

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