Burnt out Fluorescent Light Bulbs    

Burnt out Florescent Light Bulbs! Don’t throw them out! You can reuse them. We have invented a way to relight them. You will never need to throw away another florescent light bulb again. This technique was invented by David Waggoner's brother who is also an inventor.

Florescent Light Bulb Plans.................................only $9.95  # 377

500 Volt DC or AC Power Supply    

500 Volts DC from a bicycle generator. Easy to build. Generated an enormous amount of power by just slowly turning it with your fingers. A great science project. Low amperage device, in the milliamps. A 15K neon transformer will be needed for this project. Great for most science fair project and more!

500 Volt DC Power Supply Plans...........................only $9.95   #373

Free Electricity from the Phone Company      

 Get 50 v dc, 120 v dc or 220 v dc  from your phone line. enough power to light a 100 watt light bulb. We have developed a way you can use this energy to recharge 12 volt car batteries when used with a 115 v ac inverter system.  Great for home emergency lighting! It is true we have lit up 100 watt light bulbs as well as neon and florescent bulbs.  We use a very special design. Only our special circuit design will give you these results! and as far as we know it is all legal! as long as you use a safe diode to keep the back emf  from going back into the phone line no one will complain or know it. very easy to construct!  If you have 2 phone lines you can get 2 times the power amperage and voltage output.

Free Electricity from the Phone Company Plans........only $9.95   #359


These plans are for basic generator design as well as a new and super generator theory and design by David Waggoner, not yet fully built and tested ( bench tested only ).  The SP500 is our New Discovery and one should start off by building it first if needing a home generator. The HFG9 Generator is for research
purposes only for those who like to tinker a bit. 

The HFG9 GENERATOR PLANS................................only $16.95  #HFG9

To purchase by mail, download or other!
To purchase by mail, download or other!
To purchase by mail, download or other!
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