The reason we started this website was to go public with our new discoveries on the Fuelless Engine, The SP500 Generator and The Fuelless Heater, as well as to raise money for research and development. It has been our objective for the last 21 yrs to slowly and carefully introduce these devices into the world by allowing people like yourself to build them! 

Every American should be prepared: It is the duty of every American to be prepared to have some kind of generator back up system as well as a heating system.  It's not  " IF DISASTER STRIKES ? "  IT'S WHEN!  Think about it, it's in the dead of winter and your lights go out, what will you do?  No heat, No electricity?  Most homes are no longer built with fireplaces, so what would you do for heat?  I'm not trying to scare you, but I am trying to prepare you!  You should place all emergency electronic equipment in a thick metal container and keep it below ground level, why? There is a bomb called the EMP bomb it will destroy all computers and electronic equipment and set America back into the 1800's. You don't believe me? Then go to and type in EMP bomb for more information!  

It is suggested that you buy 2 to 3 LED hand crank generator flashlights as well as 1 hand crank generator radio.  We will soon be offering plans on how to build homemade LED free energy flashlights, so keep watching our website's for details. We also suggest you build our SP500 AC or DC generator. You can quickly build small hand cranks units for your basement. The SP500 outputs great amounts of amperage as well as electrical energy and is the most high efficient generator we have ever seen to this date! Build your generator first, then build our Fuelless Engine or other to turn a larger SP500 generator to power your entire home or neighborhood.

if you do not feel you have the time to build an SP500 generator that is big enough to run an entire home, then it is much cheaper, easier and faster to build a small 10" diameter hand crank generator. With a small 10" Sp500 you can charge a 12 volt DC card battery, and the 12 v battery will power any 120 volt inverter. The inverter steps up the 12 V DC voltage to 120 V AC and you can power TV sets,  radios, lights, DVD players etc...  You can build an inverter for yourself using our plans or you can buy them already made from automotive stores, Walmarts, K-marts or on the Internet.  I have seen a 800 watt inverter for less than $60. 

Help yourself and your family by being prepared for the worst! Time is very short!

Owner Rick Gibson:  
Rick is a research scientist / inventor and founder of Creative Science and Research, and was born in New Albany Indiana. He has devoted his life in the study and development of free energy devices!  He spent many years studying the free energy electrical effects from magnetic and electrical fields, as well as Tesla technology.  At age 59 he believes that science has only scratched the surface of what electricity is all about!  After many years of research we are now seeing the fruits of his work.  Rick is also a writer and musician as well as an artist. His designs and his theories have been an education to many all over the world!.

We have had a few people contact us over the years and tell us that  " There is no such thing as free energy "   A statement like that is very sad and funny at the same time!  Where have these people been? What about Free energy from solar cell technology?  What about Free energy from atomic energy / nuclear power plants? The list goes on and on. Free energy is everywhere! The earth is loaded with free energy and acts as a motor or perpetual motion machine. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms are free energy generators and are constantly being reused over and over without decay! Your body is basically a free energy walking generator!  A coil of wire induced by a DC pulse current will produce free energy in the form of back emf as well as other fields we are not able to discuss.  I am not talking about perpetual motion machines, I am talking about devices that clearly output free energy!

Our devices have been built and tested by us as well as many other research groups and Universities!
Some of these devices hold US  Patent's. Our inventions can not be sold or manufactured without our written permission. We do not sell perpetual motion machines, we are simply showing the World there is a better and cheaper way than using Solar Cell and Windmill technology as a source of alternative energy.  

Creative Science began in 1996.  We began by placing ads in Popular Science as well as Popular Mechanics, which went very well!  Thousands responded to our ads. Rick's first invention was the Fuelless Gravity Engine, Rick thought he had the only gravity motor in the world!  He soon began getting letters from other free energy inventors from all over the world, some of these inventors were over 70 yrs old, and some of them, retired engineers.  Rick recalls a customer who was hiding his device in a dusty old attic, and was to scared to do anything with it. This fueled the fire even more! Rick soon began expanding his own research into bigger and better alternative energy devices as well as a way to get this much needed information to the open public. As much as Creative Science was allowed to reveal. 

About 2 years ago Rick talked to a man on the phone who was very scared to show anyone what he had built. He had built a small 200 hp motor that could fit into the palm of his hand, he told me that he was not going to tell anyone about it.

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