Here is a fun science fair project on gravity and inertia, being demonstrated as a motor!. 

The Gravity Motor is what I invented before I discovered the Fuelless Engine!  You will not be able to run a car with it, but you can build one to generate AC or DC electricity for many applications.  This invention is basically like a windmill generator but does not require wind to make it run. Instead, it uses gravity, inertia and leverage as it's main sources of power. A small input of electrical power is also needed to start and keep the free energy reaction going. Most free energy devices have to have some kind of input energy to get the chain reaction going. The only free energy device that I have seen running without a small input of energy, is a permanent magnet motor. These type of motors need no outside source of energy they use nothing but magnets.  You may also want to consider our Fuelless Engine plans. The plans are step by step and easy to follow. Our Fuelless Engine is a free energy permanent magnet - electric motor. We use very powerful N52 Neodymium magnets. A supply list is provided on what you will need and where you can buy it.

I have spent many hours researching and designing this gravity motor, and everyone who has seen it run are amazed!  Even though our Fuelless Engine motor blows this invention out of the water, it is still fun to build and play with. 

The  plans  are  well  illustrated. Many of the materials needed can be found at most hardware stores. If you can not find what you need there, you can always purchase what you need off of the internet. There are thousands of supply companies that would be glad to sell you what you need and ship it to your front door. This device is very easy to build!  The longer the arms are built the more horsepower and torque you will get at the rotor shaft area. Also by adding more weight to the end of the arms you can also increase the horsepower and shaft torque. 

These plans also include how to build and test the mechanical structure of the device by using an air compressor and an air cylinder ( for safety test purposes only ). This motor flywheel is designed to fire at the 6:00 position to keep the arm at an off balance position so the motor flywheel will turn and you can test the motor to make sure all the nuts and bolts are in place and will not fly apart. Then the customer is urged to build our special free energy electromagnetic solenoid to replace the air cylinder and air compressor. The super high efficient solenoid is based on our Fuelless Engine technology.

" Rick Gibson "

Homeowners or Farmers!   By using our simple design you can make the arms of this motor as tall and or as wide as your home, garage or barn. The shaft torque would be VERY POW-ERFUL!  It could then be powerful enough to turn a large low rpm AC or DC generator to help run your home. 

                          Great For Indoor Garage Walls - Or Outdoor Operation. 

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