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The SP500 Generator was designed to be used with our Fuelless Engine or Gravity Motor!  The SP500 Generator can also be used with many other types of devices such as high efficiency AC or DC motors, any and all high HP fuelless energy motors, windmills, exercise bikes and is also great as a super high efficient hand crank generator! Very easy to build! Our generator can be built to run any size home or business, or if need be an ENTIRE CITY! Our invention can easily be scaled up to any desired size or voltage or wattage output you desire! See our easy step by step plans!
SP500 Generator! 

A Super High Efficiency AC or DC Generator! It was designed as an easy-to-build homemade generator that just about anyone can build! It is a breakthrough in AC or DC generator design! These generators are great to run your entire home with, or use them as an emergency backup system.  The Sp500 was designed to operate with our Fuelless Engine, Windmill or Fuelless Gravity Engine devices, but they can be operated by other methods as well. The plans will show you how to build a low RPM generator rated at 6 rpm's to 1,200 RPMs with an output of about 12 to 120 volts. Once you learn the many secrets of our design, you can then scale the SP500 to run at any output wattage that you desire. You can run an entire home or neighborhood with this thing! 

The plans include a supply of what you will need and where to buy the parts. All supplies needed can be purchased from off the internet and shipped directly to you or purchased locally. Many cities carry most or all the supply parts needed. Plans are 137 pages long!

Super High Efficient! Unlike any other generator seen today, this generator can easily be designed to operate at much higher voltages than 120 V AC or DC - great for many high voltage science projects.

If you need 220V AC or 240V AC and you live outside the USA, our SP500 can be designed and scaled up to run at these voltages as well. We know of no other research group that has a generator like ours! We have made it easy for you to build in the privacy of your own home. You don't have to be an electrical engineer to build this.


A letter from one of our customers that purchased all 33 plans and 4 videos from our spcial CD package 1 deal.

Aug 31 2010

Hi Rick,

First let me say I am having a great time going through all the plans and videos. I am going through them several times each to help soak up the information and get a clear picture of the "big picture". Thank you all for your time and ongoing research in this area. It's amazing how much detail you all have included. I know I will have some questions coming up in the near future.  

Best Regards,
William W. 
Orlando, FL


" I discovered this new special type of generator when I was working on a new prototype for a free energy electrical motor. I placed my array of coils next to a moving N38 Neodymium magnet and what I saw on my volt meter just blew me away! I could not believe what I was seeing. The output on these special coils was like nothing I had ever seen before. There is no other generator in the world like our SP500 Generator, and it is easy to build!  I personally Guarantee The SP500 to work or your money back! "

     Thank you
" David Waggoner 

                            SP500  AC - DC GENERATOR PLANS..............only $70.00    #SP500

                                   ( 137 pages long )
A Super High Efficiency AC or DC Homemade Generator
Rated at 260 RPM
 Voltage output 120 VAC x 2,280 Watts or 240 VAC x 5,000 Watts - 60Hz or 50Hz

 The SP500 can also be made to run at a much higher wattage output! Easy to build! By using a fatter wire size such as #15 AWG magnet wire for all 8 coils. You can increase the wattage output to: Rating 15,000 Watts x 240VAC  or  120VAC x 3,360 Watts. 

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